HSE•AG will be at SLAS in Washington DC from 3-6 February 2019

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Are you ready to join a technology start-up?

by Harald Quintel


Start-up is not equal start-up. There is a wide range between a spin-off and a...

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Are you ready to join a technology start-up?

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by Harald Quintel


Start-up is not equal start-up. There is a wide range between a spin-off and a garage-company.


Technology start-up vs. spin-off

Founding a successful technology start-up by buying an existing business, requires, in addition to a considerable investment, a lot of knowledge of the market, a visionary leader and an exceptional team that can take it forward. The result is a spin-off that offers the unique opportunity to get to know the establishment and development of an organization from the ground up.

The case becomes more interesting, when the mother company is a large corporation, healthy and with a balanced and solid culture. The start-up environment is thus enriched by the high level of quality standards, by the clarity of finances, by well-defined processes and an agile team when responding to market needs.

Ready to join?

Joining such a team may sound like a dream. And it probably is. Working in a spin-off can be fun and can even change your life. However, there are some significant differences between a spin-off and any other type of company you have worked with before.

Have a look at the five working-for-a-start-up-gold-skills before succesfully jumping into the new challenge:

1. Open minded

Openly enter into a discussion without preconceived opinions and accept the opinions of others as valuable input and work out the best possible solution together. This is especially true in a more multicultural environment. 

2. Hands-on-mentality

Gaining a better insight into technical interrelationships through practical work is often the source of more user-friendly solutions.

3. Interdisciplinary

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to work at a technical spin-off only within the classical areas. Therefore, the ability to acquire new areas of knowledge by combining engineering and software with biology, physics and chemistry is indispensable.

4. Self-motivation

In a young company there is no classical management under certain circumstances. This brings with it great freedom, but also a great deal of personal responsibility. It takes a lot of motivation to organize and drive yourself forward.

5. Dynamic framework

Working in a new born company can be exciting. Every day is different than the day before. A high degree of flexibility is required to successfully meet the changing requirements.

HSE•AG is such a company that requires a team with these qualifications. That's why it was so special for us to meet students at the job fair of the ETH Zürich, MindPhair who have this ability.

About HSE•AG

Experts for life science and diagnostic solutions, the team at HSE•AG is combining expertise of science, technology, and a deep understanding of molecular diagnostics to drive automated workflows. This unique biomedical engineering and workflow automation expertise is particularly high with regards to specific application and regulatory knowledge of qPCR, Next Generation Sequencing, and Capillary Electrophoresis.

As early adopters to cover the process chain via various instruments in PCR analysis the HSE•AG team are the ones behind the launch of the first automated turnkey instrument solution for nucleic acid purification. These achievements were gained in development, manufacturing, and selling of analysis platforms throughout 20 years of QIAGEN experience. Now, as an independent global service provider in engineering services outsourcing, the HSE•AG team understands the needs and processes and specializes in turning ideas into cutting-edge solutions to grow your business.

Where to meet us

HSE•AG is present as visitor and as exhibitor at many Life Science Conferences and Trade Shows all around the world. Please, have a look at our calendar here  and do not hesitate to  contact us if you would like to discuss about technology with our experts.




HSE•AG specializes in turning ideas into cutting-edge solutions and in successfully bringing them to market. Their broad knowledge in laboratory automation development is complemented by extensive experience in industrialization, life cycle management, project management, OEM modules, and consulting – offering their clients an all-in-one partnership.

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