Cycling for a Cause — HSE•AG Event in the Swiss Mountains

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On Sunday September 1st, we gathered in the early morning at Filisur, Switzerland, with enthusiast cyclists from friends, colleagues and business partners. Our plan? To participate in the annual Swiss cycling event Albula SlowUP, and raise money for charity while leisurely cycling up to 1900 m in altitude.

What is Albula SlowUP?

The SlowUp idea is simple: once a year, take about 30 km of road in an attractive landscape, close it off from traffic and ensure a varied supporting program along the way. Suddenly, the road is free for a one-day cycling festival. Young and old, families and individuals can enjoy the quiet ambiance of blue lakes, expanding forests and towering Swiss mountains.

Our Climb

The start of the ride was fantastic. We had some great weather, and as we tackled the ascent, the view just kept getting better.


But by midday we noticed some increasingly concerning clouds, which turned into a freezing shower by the time we were cycling down the mountain.



However, the event sponsors organized comforting and free food and drinks in the surrounding villages, and after we hit the finish line, we sat for a well-earned coffee.




Rounding up the numbers, our team cycled a route of 44 km and climbed 1350 m in altitude. And of course, captured some stunning pictures on the way. Check out a full Relive overview of our Albula climb here.

Swiss Mountain Aid Donation

Our biggest motivator for the day? HSE•AG donates CHF 0.20 to the Swiss Mountain Aid for each meter climbed by our team members.

Since 1943, Swiss Mountain Aid supports projects that create jobs and add communal value in the Swiss mountain regions. Supporters of the organization can help counteract emigration and ensure that the mountain regions remain alive in the future.

Join Us Next Year

It was a stunning day and we are proud of the sum raised for the Swiss Mountain Aid. We are looking forward to climb Albula again on the 6th of September 2020 with an even bigger turnout! Send us an email if you’d like to join the event next year.



Patrick Widler

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