MEDICA 2018 Highlights

We combine science and engineering for the benefit of medicine. Visitors to our booth at MEDICA 2018 gained valuable insights into successful development of automated laboratory systems.

Our visitors

We were delighted to see our customers. Some wanted to share their product ideas with us, while others just came to say hello. New customers who visited our booth took the opportunity to get to know the management of HSE•AG and to find out about the company’s services. This resulted in many interesting conversations.

As exhibitors at the Swiss Pavilion organized by SWISS MEDTECH, our booth had a very luxurious feel to delicious Swiss coffee and chocolate, as well as cheese and wine it.

MEDICA asked our Chief Commercial Officer, Patrick Widler, in an interview what his opinion of the trade fair was and what motivates HSE•AG to be there.

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Powerful partners and suppliers

In connection with MEDICA, COMPAMED is the place to be for suppliers of the medical technology industry and some of our partners also exhibited there. For example, the company, VOLPI, which helped us reduce the complexity of the design, development and manufacturing of the Rotor-Gene module, a smart optical solution for QIAsymphony and other instruments for in vitro diagnostics and life science, was present at COMPAMED 2018.

A captive audience

For those people interested in the complex process of developing diagnostic systems, the TECH FORUM provided a great opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge. In his speech, Dr. Michael Collasius (CEO) presented the seven secrets for successful development of diagnostic systems.

Speech Michael

It was hard to ignore the enthusiasm of the young listeners and also the "old hands", who joined us later for a glass of wine and a chat at our booth. To find out more, read Dr. Collasius' article here.

If you require more information, please send us an email.

Thank you very much for a great MEDICA 2018!



Posted by Michael Collasius