PRESS RELEASE: PreON — Fully Automated Protein Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry

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PreOmics GmbH, a developer of innovative technologies for mass spectrometry-based sample preparation, and HSE•AG, a leading provider of laboratory automation, are proud to announce the next evolution of protein analysis.

Martinsried / Munich, 23 May 2019 — PreOmics GmbH launches PreON, their first automation system, at the Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2019 (The Annual Meeting of the LS2Section Proteomics) in Montreux, Switzerland. Built to address the demands of reproducible, robust and sensitive sample preparation, PreON eliminates hands-on time and enables fully automated processing of samples for mass spectrometry-based protein analysis.


The amount of work increases, the costs spiral out of control and project progress comes to a standstill.

“Many laboratories are struggling with the reproducibility and sensitivity of protein sample preparation. Their legacy manual workflows are often very time-consuming and cannot be automated leading to inefficiency, and variable sample outcomes” says Dr. Nils Kulak, CEO of PreOmics. “PreON has the power to address exactly these challenges by automating the standardized PreOmicsiST and iST-NHS technologies, supporting both label-free and chemical label based sample preparation workflows on one platform.”

Dr. Garwin Pichler, CEO of PreOmics, adds: “Our valued customers around the world will not have to worry about manual processing errors. Thus, they can rely on the best performance and start focusing on the final outcome. Every step of the PreON workflow is entirely traceable, which is particularly important as we move towards regulated environments.”

“HSE AG is determined to bring automation in the field of biological sample processing to a new level”, says Konstantin Lutze, CTO of HSE AG. “Our deep experience in the field of laboratory automation allowed our interdisciplinary team of engineers and application experts to rapidly innovate and provide a robust solution for the PreOmics iST technology. We are excited to work with PreOmics and will continue to further broaden their product portfolio.”

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About PreOmics

GmbH PreOmics is as a spin-off company from the proteomics research group of pioneer Matthias Mann at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry. We at PreOmics develop and provide innovative technologies for mass spectrometry-based proteomics to make your research simply better. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible solutions and at the highest quality to achieve your results faster, easier and in a more robust manner than ever before.

About HSE•AG

Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG (HSE•AG) has been at the leading edge of lab automation for 20 years. With this proven track record, we are committed to developing automated systems that enable science and technology to evolve and accelerate your next breakthrough. A prerequisite for this is application-centric development of integrated systems.

HSE•AG customizes innovations to specific customer needs and provide support at the interface of systems engineering and in vitro applications. HSE•AG’s track record in applications and technologies such as next-generation sequencing, PCR, capillary electrophoresis, liquid handling, and sample preparation enables the company to successfully handle the complexities of workflow automation.

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