Swiss Biotech Day 2024: Explore Key Advances in Biotechnology

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Switzerland’s thriving global biotech hub is at the forefront of innovation and development of new technologies in this field. The rapidly evolving landscape is pushing the boundaries of what is possible by leveraging next-generation technologies. These have the potential to revolutionize drug discovery and cell and gene therapies (CGT).

We’re looking forward to attending Swiss Biotech Day 2024 in Basel, April 22–23

The Swiss Biotech Day 2024 unites senior experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, industry stakeholders, and more. The full and varied program highlights topics such as global pharma business development, the Swiss Biotech Report, the Site Selection Report, and the Swiss Biotech Success Stories Award. With insightful presentations from emerging biotech companies, the Swiss Biotech Day 2024 also shines a light on the latest breakthroughs in organ-on-a-chip technologies and CGT.


Organ-on-a-chip technology: a new era in drug discovery

Organ-on-a-chip technology has great potential to increase efficiency, improve safety, and reduce costs in drug development and toxicology assessment. These microfluidic devices – consisting of 3D cell cultures that replicate human organ function under flow inside microfluidic chips – are an alternative to 2D cell culture and animal testing.

However, this exciting technology also brings challenges. Standards are required for acceptance and integration into labs and clinical settings, and to promote adoption of the technology. These will facilitate increased productivity by enabling interoperability between all components of an automated system.

The need for standardized workflows poses an additional challenge. While organ-on-a-chip systems provide a more physiologically relevant model for drug testing, automation of steps such as cell culture, perfusion, medium addition and assessment of cell viability is vital to ensure their reliability and reproducibility.


Pivotal role of quality control in CGT workflows

There is usually just one chance to collect extremely valuable cell material from patients as a second cell draw may pose a significant risk to their health. To safeguard patients, stringent quality checks in the CGT process are vital to ensure the production of safe and reliable treatments.

In contrast to traditional methods in which a single quality check suffices for large batches, personalized therapies require individualized quality control for each patient’s sample. To meet the unique demands of these advanced therapies, and to ensure the reproducibility and reliability of treatments for individual patients, new quality control standards are needed that must be automated and significantly scaled up.


We can integrate automation into your organ-on-a-chip and CGT workflows

We are pioneers in automation of life science and diagnostics workflows. We offer end-to-end solutions for organ-on-a-chip and CGT platforms, including cell isolation and selection, quality control, microfluidics, liquid handling and beyond. Our applications expertise covers a wide range of technologies such as capillary electrophoresis, real-time PCR, NGS, and flow cytometry.

We develop according to ISO 14385 covering product ideation, development, industrialization, lifecycle management, and assembly and testing with a focus on mechanics, optics, electronics and software and algorithms.

For businesses and innovators looking to unlock the potential of organ-on-a-chip technology and CGT, the journey from concept to commercialization can be filled with challenges. Having a seasoned expert by your side – with our key technology and application knowledge – can greatly simplify this process.



Meet our expert, Alexis Tzannis, at Swiss Biotech Day 2024

If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to discover more about how to automate your organ-on-a-chip and CGT workflows, Alexis Tzannis, one of our leading experts, will be at Swiss Biotech Day 2024 from April 22 to 23 in Basel, Switzerland. Take advantage of this great opportunity to connect, collaborate, and share insights that could pave the way for commercialization of your organ-on-a-chip and CGT products.


Alexis Tzannis

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