SLAS 2024: Joining the Innovation Front

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This year, we are excited to be part of SLAS 2024 in Boston, 3 - 7 February.

We're looking forward to sharing our insights in automation for molecular, protein, and cell analysis.

We'll also be presenting our latest innovation, HSE•AG's Ultra Compact 4 colour UV/VIS photometer for automated DNA quantification with NO sample loss revolutionizing nucleic acid analysis in PCR and NGS workflows.


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Let's meet with Michael Collasius (CEO), Konstantin Lutze (CTO) and Alexis Tzannis (Key Account Manager Engineering), who are eager to connect with you and discuss your technology breakthrough projects. 


Alexis Tzannis

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Successful automation of life science and diagnostics workflows is a highly complex undertaking. With our key technology and application knowledge as well as with our high level of experience we will help you to shorten your time-to-market and grow your business.