Processes, the driving force in projects

Start-ups often perceive processes and documentation as obstacles that slow things down. Companies usually regard them as an...
by Felix Westhoff

The Engineering Key to Economic Syndromic Testing Success

Syndromic testing is one of the big growth promises of the coming years. However, it takes more than just exceptional scientific...
by Hans-Jürgen Tiedtke

Video: Speed up Robotics in Conjunction with Smart AI – Enabling Improved Business Cases

When it comes to next generation systems and speed up robotics, the challenge often is to find an appropriate business case. Fast...
by Thomas Hanselmann

Video: Microfluidics Is Not The Challenge – Everything Around It Is!

The need for efficient, reliable and scalable point-of-care human diagnostics is more pressing than ever. Microfluidic...
by Laura Turpeinen

10 Advantages of UV LED Technology for PCR-Grade Decontamination

Just like any other laboratory equipment, automated work decks need to be sterilized for successful experimental results.  One...
by Harald Quintel

Who Holds the Keys to the Future of Synthetic Biology?

Few life science sectors are gaining economical traction in the same way as synthetic biology. Advancements in genome sequencing...
by Laura Turpeinen

5 Tips to Get Ready for the New EU In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation

By end of 1998, the first European quality and safety requirements for in vitro diagnostic medical devices, the European...
by Pit Muggli

7 Smart Ways to Prevent Diagnostics System Development Projects from Failing

Diagnostic system development projects can be more prone to failure than you would think. Despite the eye-watering amounts of...
by Michael Collasius

Expert Interview — How to Combine Biology and Engineering into Marketable Solutions

Laboratory automation development is a field best characterized by its interdisciplinarity. In addition to their expertise,...
by Konstantin Lutze

How Successful Outsourcing Will Transform Your Life Science Business

Without partnerships I would have hardly ever had success — but I had to learn that from experience.  
by Michael Collasius

Short Barcodes for Next-Generation Sequencing

by Thomas Hanselmann This blog post reviews a must-read paper for anyone involved in next-generation sequencing (NGS) – “Short...
by Thomas Hanselmann

Why Data Analysis Workflows Belong to Modern Systems Engineering?

by Thomas Hanselmann An Example of Fluidic Pressure Data from a DNA Sequencing Machine using simple PCA & Clustering.
by Thomas Hanselmann

7 Secret Tricks to Optimize Emulsion PCR in the NGS Workflow

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized our understanding of life science, with more and more laboratories set to...
by Konstantin Lutze

NGS Workflow Automation - Easier, Faster, and More Reproducible

by Kai Hassler Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace and opening up a wealth of...
by Kai Hassler

FDA Registration of Your IVD laboratory Instrument

Many providers of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) laboratory instruments successfully launch their lab instruments in Europe but are...
by Patrick Widler